Support for ObamaCare Falls to 35%.

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The latest CNN poll indicates that support for Obamacare has fallen from 40% in November to 35% today.

This is what we can legitimately call a death spiral.

As a symbolic gesture, President Obama has signed up for ObamaCare — a bronze plan. He signed up on the Washington, D.C. site. He did not try to sign up on the federal government’s problem-plagued healthcare site. He already has the best healthcare insurance on earth through the U.S. military. But he is in need of an economically meaningless symbolic gesture.

The policy will cost $4,800 a year. It covers only him, not his family. In short, it’s a rotten policy. For $4,800 a year, he buys a policy with a $4,300 deductible. So, he has to get really sick for this to pay off, assuming he has $4,300 in reserve after paying $4,800 for the policy. Obama is covered, of course. But voters aren’t.

Republicans can have fun with this. “Buy a minimal policy only for yourself. Forget about your wife and children. You’ll see what this does to your budget. There is nothing like an extra $4,800 a year to create problems for your budget.”

If the White House thinks a policy like this is the fulfillment of a dream for low-income families, he is living in fantasy land.

Meanwhile, Senate Majority leader Harry Reid says that ObamaCare is going to be a blessing to Democrats running for re-election in November. He is sure of this. “I think for sure this will be a net positive.” You can read about this here. How he expects to reverse public opinion on ObamaCare, he did not say.

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