Liberals Were Mistaken About Barack Obama, He’s Not One of Them

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Washington, DC- George W. Bush was a lot of things but a Conservative was not one of them.  Americans are ignorant and assume what they are told but more importantly what they want to believe.

Labels such as Republican or Democrat are meaningless anymore.  What happened was that areas of the country that are either heavily controlled by either of these parties spawned pretenders.  New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is an example. A Conservative has no chance to win an election so Left Wing politicians know that they can in effect create a second Primary Election by simply opting for a Republican label.  The strongest Left Winger wins in New Jersey and similar states.

The RINO (Republican In Name Only) is a pretender and they are able to win the votes of both Democrats and those Republicans that don’t understand the RINO phenomena. Often the RINO is even further Left than the Democratic candidate.

Among Democrats particularly in Bible-Belt areas of our nation, they have the so-called Blue Dog Democrats that are often really Conservatives.

As for Barack Obama he was the stranger with the vaguest and nebulas agendas ever.  He offered Hope and Change.  He also said he would fundamentally change America.  Since Obama was Black and viewed as a Liberal they wanted to and still do believe Obama was somehow one of them.   Obama has his own ideas and they are a lot of things but traditionally Liberal is just not one of them.

Liberals traditionally have a platform that:

1.     Zealously protects citizen’s privacy

2.     Rejects Capital Punishment

3.     Protects the working man’s job and standard of living

4.     Full due process and the fair trials for those accused in our in courts

5.     That the disabled’s needs are met

6.     That the poor have real education, job training and a future

7.     Healthcare for everyone

8.     Protected retirement funds for every worker

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