The CIA Is Pouring into Syria

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The U.S. is already fully engaged in a massive war against the Syrian government, in complete violation of the UN Charter and treaties the US signed. The U.S. is already a war-criminal for training, arming, and directing the rebel Sunni “terrorists” (in US terms) with intelligence and staff planning at the top.

The US news mediaare full of articles about this secret U.-CIA war against Syria which yesterday became a fully open war of aggression against a sovereign nation that is a member of the UN, by the open shipment of US weapons to the rebel “terrorists” through the U.S. Sunni puppet regimes of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, and Jordan.

The rebel forces are now talking bitterly about this U.S. aid as inadequate and insist the US should move ahead immediately with the air strikes they were obviously promised long ago.

The Gas Attacks by the rebels (or their Hollywood simulation in a “Wag The Dog” series of films?) were clearly intended to provide Obama with the “justification” to the American people and a phony appearance of  meeting UN treaty requirements for the massive and continual air attacks similar to what the US carried out against Iraq over more than a decade without bringing down the government, against Afghanistan and Pakistan and many other nations and rebel forces now.

The gas attacks, US air war against Syria, and the vast new supplies from the US pouring openly to the rebel forces were all intended to be a concerted attack against Damascus to shatter, split, demoralize, and then destroy the Syrian forces of Assad.

Now Obama and the CIA are in grave danger of being exposed for their secret shipment of the poison gas, or the financing of it through Saudi Arabia or other war criminals. They are desperate to appear willing to negotiate peace to hide their secret war, while in some way scuttling the peace talks and getting on with the air attacks on Syria.

The Syrian forces are pushing ahead with one victory after another and the rebel commanders are openly saying Syria can win unless the US carries out its secret plans to launch an air war against Syria and continue building up the massive US war aid to then rebels, as they have begun doing openly. 

The US obviously began this secret US War Against Syria to try to greatly weaken the soaring strength of the Allied Shia forces of Iran, Iraq, Syria, Hizbollah-Lebanon, and other major Shia forces in Saudi Arabia (in the oil rich NE), Kuwait, Bahrain, and other nations.

Now the US faces defeat in its War Against Syria, so Obama and the CIA have gotten desperate and taken extreme risks of getting exposed to the American people and ignorant allies worldwide for what it is, a terrorist, totalitarian, secret police, global empire.

Today the US media also have many articles about the vast US secret stores of Weapons of Mass Destruction, including poison gases of all major kinds. They assert that, according to US information, the US and Russia have over decades slowly cut down  their vast poison gas supplies, as they have nuclear dooms-day bombs because small numbers are sufficient to destroy the world. They assert that the U.S. still  has about 11% of  its original poison gas weapons, about 3,000 to 4,000 tons, enough to kill much of any huge nation. I doubt very much that the gas weapons used by the U.S. Sunni forces in Syria came from the US vast supplies. There might be some chemical “fingerprints” or,  far  more likely, someone lower down in the command structure might blow the whistle on the movements out of the vast, secret storage caverns in Kentucky or elsewhere.

They probably used cut-outs, agents, and weapons almost impossible to trace back to the US. At the moment the rebels are so openly enraged at the US for not carrying out the air strikes promised long ago that they are hinting that they could tell the whole truth about the gas if the US does not fulfill its promised air strikes and save them. If the US does not launch air trikes and save their Sunni allies, the CIA might have to send some of its famous assassination teams, or those of Israel’s Mossad, to liquidate these former allies who could expose the truth about the US.

Putin’s now famous op-ed in the New York Times explicitly says the rebels launched the gas attack for precisely the purpose of getting the U. air war against Syria. Assad’s quick move to get rid of all his gas weapons is clearly intended to prevent more of these “Wag The Dog” False Flag attacks. He told Charlie Rose on CBS a few evenings ago that his forces are winning the war and would be insane to use gas weapons. He was calm, friendly, respectful, very sane, and articulate in his strongly accented English, unlike Obama and his Hitlerian gangsters like John Kerry. Rose treated him with decency and respect and he expressed at the end his gratitude for Rose going to Syria to let him speak with the world outside. Assad was the very model of a diplomat with common sense, rather than upper class contempt for the people.

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