Feinstein Has Not Yet Called For Navy Yard Control

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California Senator Diane Feinstein has once again called for a renewed debate in Congress over gun control. What she means is more debate. The Congress debated gun control early this year, and her bills to control guns sank without a trace.

She wants gun registration. She wants crazy people identified before they can buy guns. But the crazy man who shot up the Navy Yard had clearance. He walked onto the Yard well armed. The Navy had cleared him.

Is this a case for shutting down Navy yards? Using Feinstein’s categories, it is. I mean, if the U.S. Navy is incapable of screening out crazy people with guns, isn’t it time to have a debate in Congress over the continued existence of the Navy? This is the logic of Diane Feinstein.

CNN reports the following.

Navy officers knew that Aaron Alexis had been arrested in 2004 for shooting out the tires of a car — in a blackout fueled by anger — and yet they admitted him into the Navy and granted him security clearance anyway, a senior Naval officer told CNN.

“It appears as if investigators were aware of the incident, interviewed him and were satisfied that it did not preclude granting the clearance,” the officer said.

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