Should You Be Stockpiling Ammo, Yes or No?

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Shiner, Texas --( How much ammunition can one man use: Probably not too much of it.

Well, it will all depend on a lot of factors and whether or not a substantial amount of luck exists.

Nonetheless, I’ve seen firsthand certain individuals stockpiling thousands of rounds of ammunition and dozens of firearms for their own use.

The stated reason for it varies. Now is there truth to the “you can never have enough” motto that everyone uses when wiping out the local Walmart’s ammo supply?

Of course there is: oftentimes there just isn’t enough ammo to go around. Does it mean you should do it?

As a fellow shooter I’m begging you not to. Buy a few boxes and then come back and buy a few more. Try not to hoard all of the ammo from the sporting goods department. Everyone needs at least some ammo. Your taking it all is just needlessly greedy. We are talking about preparation, not plundering. If you really need cases of ammo, buy it on the Web and have it delivered. It’s what Web vendors do and you’re likely to save a little money that way anyway. Buying up practice ammo is fine.

When it comes to tactical/defensive/hunting ammo: please save some for others.

As for why stockpiling may not be as practical: if you have to leave [bug out] and possibly do so on foot, how much can you possibly carry? As a matter of perspective, even a 7 magazine loadout of 5.56mm NATO has some good heft to it. Combined with a full hydration pack and a “tac’d out” rifle, one quickly remembers those famous words, “Ounces equal pounds, pounds equal pain.” Again, some of us have training and can bear that kind of load for considerable time and distance. Not all of us. Know your limitations.

If you get into a firefight and you’re lucky enough to have 10,000 rounds of ammunition stockpiled, are they all loaded into your 358 magazines? Wait, you don’t have 358 thirty round magazines? Me neither. Nor do I want to be loading magazines in the middle of a firefight. I’m not saying you shouldn’t have the ammo. I’m saying you need to be cognizant of the limitations you may face. Your ammo will be useful for collecting food and providing security, but it takes up both room and increases weight. You will have to make compromises to accommodate the other basics of survival and how you prioritize those basics is up to you.

After evaluating those needs you may find the cost of all that extra ammo might be better used to pay for other items.

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Reprinted with permission from AmmoLand.

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