Prostate Cancer Screening Has Zero Benefit, Concludes 20-Year Study

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by Mike Adams: America’s
Breadbasket Aquifer Running Dry; Massive Agriculture Collapse Inevitable

Don’t let
anyone from the cancer industry lie to you about PSA screening:
The test is completely bogus and offers zero improvement in your
lifespan. That’s the conclusion from a 20-year study that followed
over 9,000 men. After 20 years of follow-up, guess what the results
were? No significant difference in the rate of death between those
screened for prostate cancer versus those who weren’t.

In other words,
prostate cancer screening is really a bogus test used to exploit
men’s fear and recruit them into unnecessary and potentially harmful
cancer treatments. That’s why the cancer industry uses the PSA test,
of course: It’s a powerful recruiting tool! It scares men into agreeing
to expensive, high-profit treatments which are then billed to their
insurance companies, Medicaid or Medicare. (Gee, no wonder our health
care system is bankrupting the nation…)

This study,
by the way, was published
in the British Medical Journal
. I don’t personally trust
the BMJ on most issues, since it seems to so strongly favor
vaccines and pharmaceuticals in its selective publication of research.
But that’s what makes this so remarkable: Even the BMJ is
effectively admitting that PSA tests don’t work!

Why are
hospitals still using a bogus quack test for prostate cancer?

Given that
the PSA test simply doesn’t work, it makes you wonder: Why are hospitals
are cancer centers still using the PSA test? Isn’t that quackery
to keep using something that doesn’t work while marketing it to
patients as if it did work? It’s not just false advertising –
it’s bad medicine! And if it were being done in any other
industry, someone would probably get arrested.

If you sold
a car that turned out to be a lemon and didn’t run, you could be
sued. If you sold a financial product but completely misrepresented
it to your customers, that would be considered criminal fraud.
But why can hospitals and cancer clinics sell PSA prostate cancer
tests that are completely bogus while getting away with it?

The answer
is because modern medicine has zero accountability. Most of it is
simply fabricated quackery. Flu vaccines, for example, are based
on completely fabricated quacked-up evidence that has absolutely
no connection to scientific reality. ADHD screening programs are
absurdly transparent as psychiatric drug marketing tools. Mammograms
actually cause breast cancer, and the No. 1 side effect of
chemotherapy is – get this – cancer itself!

It’s all
"pretend medicine" in a grand health care fairy tale

Nothing in
medicine, you see, has to have any actual scientific evidence behind
it at all. The reason PSA tests are so popular is precisely the
same reason that flu vaccines are so heavily pushed: Because modern
medicine pushers suffer from a deeply-ingrained cult-like irrational
belief in everything they were taught in medical school, regardless
of whether it has any basis in fact. PSA tests, in other words,
are a kind of medical voodoo which works no better than sticking
pins in a rag doll.

And as literally
dozens of studies have found over the last decades, antidepressant
drugs are a kind of "brain chemical voodoo" that works
no better than placebo either. Let’s face it: Much of modern medicine
is based entirely on a virus of the mind – a contagious yet false
idea that somehow disease is caused by a lack of chemicals, radiation
or surgery. It’s an insane idea, of course, yet it is the foundation
of virtually the entire modern system of "health care"
(sick care).

A psychic
would probably get you better results

If you want
to go get screened for all these various diseases, that’s your choice,
of course. But just know as a scientific fact that most of the medical
screening being offered today is no more scientifically valid than
a tarot card reading. A tarot card reading might be more valuable,
actually, as it would remind you to consider your inner journey
and perhaps take responsibility for your life rather than handing
it over to a group of utterly incompetent cancer doctors who are
still using bogus prostate cancer tests that have been proven utterly
useless again and again.

Heck, your
cancer doctor might as well use a dousing rod to diagnose your cancer.
And even then, if you’re told you have cancer, the only rational
thing to do anyway is to change your lifestyle and start pursuing
anti-cancer activities such as juicing, walking in the sun, avoiding
toxic synthetic chemicals and so on. And those things should be
pursued whether you have cancer or not!

This is why
I never get screened for any disease. I’m in my 40’s, and I follow
a very healthy lifestyle. I eat massive quantities of anti-cancer
superfoods and I completely avoid (to the best of my ability) synthetic
chemicals in foods, personal care products, gardening and so on.
Why would I even need to get screened for cancer in the first place?
There’s no valid reason for it.

Cancer isn’t
something that strikes you like a bolt of lightning, folks. It’s
something your body can grow over decades until it becomes noticeable
– and it only grows cancer tumors if you let it. The easiest way
to stop growing cancer it to boost your vitamin D levels to 70 –
90, eat lots of fresh sprouts, drink fresh juices, get exercise
and avoid cancer-causing chemicals. Get plenty of sleep, avoid excessive
stress and eat superfoods such as berries (which are loaded with
anti-cancer nutrients). And stop eating refined sugars, too, because
cancer tumors just love sugar.

It’s not a
difficult recipe. And when truly followed, it will reduce your risk
of cancer to nearly zero. Of course, a stray piece of plutonium
from Fukushima could still get inhaled into your lungs and cause
cancer, but even in that case, antioxidants help protect you from
radiation damage, greatly reducing your risk of cancer even from
nuclear fallout radiation.

Nutrition and
lifestyle is the answer here, not useless disease screening quackery.
Don’t fall for the bogus PSA screening and mammography tests. They
are designed to scare you into becoming a high-profit cancer patient.
They do nothing to improve your health, and they may in fact harm
you. Prostate cancer is not a very aggressive cancer in most cases.
It can be easily and reliable reversed with the help of any
competent naturopathic physician, herbalist or natural medicine

with permission from Natural

Mike Adams is a natural health author and award-winning
journalist. He has authored and published thousands of articles,
interviews, consumers’ guides, and books on topics like health and
the environment. He is the editor of Natural

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