Zuckerberg Campaigns for Hillary

Writes Peter Gay:

Hi Lew.

My libertarian Facebook page, Liberty Memes, hit 100k likes this Monday, July 4. Just in time to comment on Emailgate…

Facebook deleted the attached meme after it reached 10k likes, 50k shares, and 4 million views. It allegedly “violates community standards.” Apparently the standards amount to: don’t embarrass our queen.

Of course, Facebook is a private enterprise and it’s their right to limit content in whatever way they choose. Nevertheless, this climate of blatant political censorship in the name of safety (“we want our members to feel safe”) is troubling for obvious reasons.

They may end up shutting down Liberty Memes altogether, but I’m not worried about that. The ideas are out there, and evidently, they’re a threat to someone!

Peter Gay