Weaponizing Migrants

Don’t miss Anne Williamson’s new article on the latest and most devastating color revolution: Weaponizing Migrants. She shows what the US empire is deliberately doing to Europe and America. These days, it’s politically as well as intellectually significant.

UPDATE from Anne:

Another piece of the European part of the puzzle is the condition of the migrants: News photographs show well-clothed and well-shod people whose clothing remains free from the marks of hard travel.  Their back packs are newish, clean, and tidy.  We are not seeing barefoot souls reduced to wearing tattered rags and dragging a smelly bundle of sad possessions along with them.  They largely appear to be in good physical condition, many looking as if they had just went out the door for a day of sport.

I have read that smugglers’ rates range from the value (in euros) of $2,000.00 to $11,000.00 cash.

Where, I ask, are so many getting the money?


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