Walter Jones Targeted by Neocons

If the neocons hate you, it’s a good character reference. And they want to destroy Rep. Walter Jones (R-NC).  Why? Because after supporting Bush II’s aggression against Iraq, and even renaming French fries “freedom fries”–the French being insufficiently warlike–Walter did something almost unheard of among politicians. He examined the horror and evil of the war, and changed his mind. Sometimes politicians change their minds, though it’s unusual. But to change it in a way that is politically damaging? There is an honest man. Walter has become an eloquent spokesman on war and other forms of tyranny, and even changed his mind on weapons welfare for Israel. So Boehner targeted him as well, tossing him off the financial services committee. The neocons primaried him last time with vast dough, and he won, though by a small margin. Now they are recruiting a life-long Army bureaucrat and war-wronger. But Walter’s previous opponent may run, too, which would be great; two war-lovers vs. a man of peace. I can’t wait to see the neocons stamp their handmade shoes again in anger and frustration. (Thanks to Jeff Deist)