W. Astore’s piece on LRC today

Writes Jim Lloyd:

Hi Lew,

I don’t believe he goes far enough in explaining how it affects the culture, from defining LEO as those who protect us [‘I’m scared, and I don’t like it-hold me’] to an unconscious internalization and rationalization of bullying, common among adolescents in schools, and even more disturbing, from the adults who would shout down dissent-the first American value, in my opinion.

Government has become the omnipotent, omniscient entity on everyone’s shoulder and looking at the culture through that lens should lead any thinking person to realize the biggest problem in this country, but few are willing to acknowledge it, fewer still willing to admit it and almost no one willing to address it.

Only those who would question god OR accept God fully can escape; for everyone else, The State is death, one way or another.

Thanks again for LRC.