Virginia State Senator Richard Black Appeals to Syrian Kurds To ‘Reconcile’ With Syrian Government ‘Without Delay’

Virginia State Senator Richard H. Black (R-District 13) urges the Syrian Democratic Council and the SDF to resolve matters with Damascus immediately. Senator Black sends this message to his Kurdish friends with deepest friendship and prayers for their protection:

Statement by Senator Black (via email from his office):

Turks are notorious enemies of Kurds.

For two years, I warned Kurdish leaders that the U.S. would abandon them soon.  It did not matter who was president or which political party was in power. Our determination to leave was not a secret. The U.S. could not remain in Syria indefinitely.

Unless Kurds quickly reconcile with the government of Syria, Turkey will capture northern Syria. Once Turkey is in control, they will eliminate Kurds from the entire region.  Kurds must act without further delay in order to survive.

Turkey has amassed an army of 158,000 terrorists for an imminent attack on the SDF.  U.S. troops are withdrawing, and Turkish bombers are conducting airstrikes to prepare for the assault. The U.S. is unlikely to provide arms or ammunition for Kurds to defend themselves in the looming battle.

Kurds are alone, just as they were in Afrin.  The U.S. did not defend you then, and it will not defend you now. Only the Syrian government can help.  If Turkish-led terrorists seize the ground, it may be impossible for the Syrian Army to recapture it. If Kurdish leaders delay, even Syria may be unable to help.

Turkey intends to resettle two million of its most violent, battle-hardened terrorist families in northern Syria.  Turkey enjoys excellent relations with ISIS. They will free your ISIS captives, if possible, and unleash them to fight against the SDF.

If Turkey is able to occupy northern Syria, they will gradually purge Kurds through murder, rape, forced marriage, and intimidation.  Over time, no Kurds will remain in Turkish-controlled parts of Syria.

I hope that Kurds will not be ethnically cleansed.  But unless you act immediately, that will happen. The Syrian Arab Army may be able to save its Kurdish people by quickly reoccupying northern Syria. But if you delay in reconciling with Damascus, even Syria may be unable to help.

My prayers are with Kurds and all others in northern Syria.  May God give your leaders the wisdom to act without delay.

A Vietnam combat veteran, Senator Black served in both the U.S. Marines and in the U.S. Army JAG Corps. He served a total of 31 years active and reserve, rising from the rank of private to full colonel.

(Thanks,Jim Jatra)


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