Virginia Beach Shooter: an Inconvenient Truth

Writes Mike Holmes:

It took me nearly 10 minutes of searching to find a photo of this shooter, DeWayne Craddock, after reviewing all of the major MSM news stories. Finally I found a photo. He was a black man. None of the online written accounts from the AP, NYT, WashPo, BBC, Richmond Dispatch, etc. mentioned his race or showed any kind of photo, like the Driver’s License or government work ID which are usually included. I located a small photo and caption on a web news site specializing in coverage of African Americans. The population of Virginia Beach is over 20% African American.

Have you ever read a similar story where the first sentence didn’t say, “A 40-year-old white municipal employee killed …”? Front page photos and race are only highlighted when the perp is white. The new ‘woke’ standard in Official Journalism.


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