Vatican’s former doctrine head…

Writes Mark Higdon:

So the earthly powers of darkness are gathering and colluding to “suppress” the Catholic Church? Check your inbox, Lifesite. You obviously missed a memo.

In my state (Ohio) and in most states where Catholic Churches closed before Holy Week, and remained closed long thereafter, it was the Catholic bishops who mandated and maintained the closures. Who needed to suppress the Church when Her leaders did it to her so willingly, in the service of the procurators? As soon as the churches were shut down, I got the down-low straight from a well-placed horse’s mouth: It was all about possible lawsuits. And now, many of the affected parishes are seeking and receiving federal bailouts as “small businesses.”

Thus did the Church in America become the American Catholic Patriotic Society, à la the official and permitted Catholic Church in China. Thus, too, were the truly faithful terribly and utterly betrayed.