URGENT: Act Now to Stop the Planned Steal in Georgia

Writes Ginny Garner:

Patriots need to show up in mass numbers at rallies in Atlanta to increase public pressure on Republican Governor Brian Kemp of Georgia to stop a fraudulent certification of the presidential election on Thursday. Date, time and location:

Wednesday Nov 18 at noon

Thursday Nov 19 at noon

Friday Nov 20 at noon

Georgia State Capital

206 Washington Street, SW

Atlanta GA 30303

President Trump and his disenfranchised voters have been denied a clear audit process, accurate vote recount, and resolution of legal cases. Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, who supports immediate certification, is expected to make an announcement triggering a 24-hour period by which the governor must certify the election and authorize the selection of electors. Stop the Steal National Organizer Ali Alexander is urging the governor to call a special session of the state legislature to call electors, restoring legislative supremacy over executive fiat. Gov. Kemp is expected to make an announcement one way or the other on Thursday at 5:00 pm. Georgia certification would set a troubling precedent for the other contested states to fall in line. Patriots are urged to peacefully cause “good trouble” and show up at these rallies to put public pressure on the governor. Stop the Steal workers, truckers, Infowars’ Alex Jones, Roger Stone and many others are expected to be there. Protestors may also assemble at the governor’s residence


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