Unmasking something…

Writes Jim Lloyd:

Hi Lew,

In the last two months, the local newspaper has run stories (with photos) of:

The emergency management committee gathered around a table in an office, which is/was happening twice a day, to discuss the medical &social issues that might arise.  No masks, no Zoom, no social distancing.

The librarians in town are working 9:30-2:30, M-F, pulling books and DVDs to place into a sterile bag for curbside pick-up.  There have been two stories (again, with pictures)  of different librarians doing this without a mask or any of the other advised silliness.  They are all salaried, and there have been no furloughs.

This week, the community college had a virtual graduation and the three people working the mobile production trailer were highlighted.  All three had different last names, but there was no mask anywhere in any of the photos, even when the three crowded around a table for the ‘stronger together’ shot.

When the advisory/law/mandate is inconsistent, it’s ignored by people with an above average blend of IQ & EQ; because there is little government does that actually has anything to do with public safety, social justice or “society”, it’s fun to watch the various tax-feeders (at many levels) offer a new form of PSA.  When seen through that lens, perhaps it would be best to continue the shutdowns until every ‘Merican gets the message.