U.S.-China Summit in Anchorage, Alaska |

Writes David Brown:

Well this is entertaining. In a nutshell, the Chinese FM broke protocol and went OT on his opening statement to school Blinken on US foreign policy, basically dishing it right back in rather strong (for the usually decorous Chinese) language (translator starts at 28:00)… 

Apparently it went viral in China and has led to a merchandising boom…

“T-shirts, umbrellas, handbags and mobile phone cases are among the items now on sale in Beijing and online, emblazoned with quotations from Yang Jiechi, the top diplomat who delivered a fierce rebuttal to American criticisms at the start of  the Anchorage meetings. On e-commerce giant, for example, Chinese customers can pay about $11 for a T-shirt saying, “Chinese people won’t tolerate this.” A canvas tote bag with “The U.S. is in no position to talk down to China” sells for about $13.”

Also apparently the US translator’s blue hair was considered an insult and was pilloried on Chinese social media.