Trump NYC Case Could Be Headed For A Mistrial

Writes Gail Appel:

Hi Lew,

Im in no way a legal scholar, but If this isn’t grounds for overturning Trump’s conviction .. aside from not having committed a crime , a case built upon an unnamed crime,witnesses for the prosecution committing blatant perjury, Cohen admitting to having embezzled 60k because he didn’t receive a bonus that he didn’t earn,profitting  exponentially for perjuring himself publicly throughout the trial, a corrupt hyper-partisan judge “ coincidentally” assigned to the Cohen,Wesselberg,Navarro, and Trump fabricated prosecutions, who’s daughter is an activist/lobbyist/fundraiser for Democrat campaignsincluding Schiff,Harris,Schumer et al, profiting exorbitantly from influencing the outcome of the trial, including posting memes with Trump behind bars in an orange jumpsuit, who’s wife was with Letitia James’ office for 20 years and is currently a member of Biden’s admin,a  DA and AG who ran on the promise of placing Trump behind bars, said DA and the prior DA refusing to take the case because there was no case, then amplifying the non-case to 34 felony counts, unelected prosecutors from the DOJ , a known to be biased jury, the judge shutting down every objection made by the defense, not allowing qualified defense witnesses, creating a scenario  of a smorgasbord of unnamed felonies and not requiring unanimous consent, sending the jury to deliberate without written transcripts or instructions and if there were any questions, the five hours of oral instructions had to be read each time a question was asked, requiring Trump to be in the courtroom morning til evening every day, including during voir dire, gag orders for only the defendant and defense, interfering with the entirety of his campaign… wait a sec. Any one of these scenarios would have qualified for a mistrial, dismissal and the crimes committed by the prosecution and DOJ would be prosecuted successfully.If we lived in what was America. A first year law student would have been able to have the case dismissed before it went to trial. But we no longer live in America.

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