Trump Is Not a ‘Real Conservative’

So say National Review and the Weekly Standard, and their political bedfellows, who carry the banner of conservatism today. The term conservative, in the current sense, came into use after WWII as part of the CIA-funded Bill Buckley  attempt to wipe out the prewar Old Right, which was anti-statist, anti-interventionist, and anti-imperialist.

Murray Rothbard kept the flame alight, with the help of Ralph Raico and a few other giants. Then came Ron Paul, who spread Murray’s thinking, and restored the Old Right as a movement. This is why he is so hated, for so effectively leading the opposition to the CIA-neocon-Buckleyite ideology of conservatism, and gaining so many young libertarian supporters all over the world.

So what is “real conservatism”? Looking at what National Review and the Weekly Standard advocate, and their political heroes, we can say: war, the military-industrial complex, money printing, endless government expansion, high taxes, corporatism, global empire, the police state, and the drug war, to scratch the surface.

There is plenty wrong with Trump, but let’s hope, for all our sakes, that he is not a conservative, let alone  a real one.