Tribute to the Hero Dr. Zelenko Who Has Passed Away

Writes Ginny Garner:


Heroic Dr. Vladimir Zelenko has passed away from cancer. His warnings starting in March 2020 against the deadly covid shots and the evil global scientific technocratic agenda saved millions of lives and he successfully treated thousands of his patients with therapeutics. Dr. Zelenko was a devout Orthodox Jew who deeply loved God, his children and humanity. 

Last weekend my throat was getting very sore and I immediately took his Z-Stack: zinc, Vitamin D and C, and quercetin. My sore throat quickly went away, but when I, never a napper, needed to take naps on both Saturday and Sunday as well as sleep 8 hours two nights in a row, I knew my body was fighting off an infection. 

Filmmaker Mikki Willis, whose Pandemic series has reached millions of viewers, featured Dr. Zelenko in his latest Plandemic film. He pays tribute to him here: