Thinking of Easter

Writes C.H.M:

In the book of Exodus we have seen ” God’s answer to man’s question.” There, man is not only outside of Eden, but he has fallen into the hands of a cruel and powerful enemy, he is the bond-slave of the world. How is he to

be delivered from Pharaoh’s thraldom from Egypt’s furnace?  How can he be redeemed, justified, and brought into the promised land? God only could answer such questions, and this He did in the blood of the slain Lamb.

In the redemption-power of that blood, every question is settled. It meets Heaven’s highest claims, and man’s deepest necessities. Through its amazing efficacy, Godis glorified, man is redeemed, saved, justified, and brought

to God’s holy habitation; while the enemy is completely overthrown, and his power destroyed.