‘The praxeological case against Google‘

Writes Miles Clark:

A decade ago I emailed and stated that the reason we would not see the price increases predicted by some such as Peter Schaffer’s was because in the bank bailout bill they allowed the Federal Reserve to pay interest on bank deposits at the Fed. I was correct.

Now I was an early person on the internet. I remember how Google became popular and why I thought back in 2005 when I was in high school that Google was pure CIA filth. Because the old search engines that we all used, such as AltaVista, came about by early entrepreneurs, there were so many search engines, that some search engines search the other search engines and basically said so. One day I walk into high school and the home page is set to Google! What is this Google I said? Where did this come from? Oh! So the county school boards all across country get told to set the home pages at school computers to Google! Remember this is 2005! Before those smart phones! Parents learned computers thru their kids! And all the kids got government introduced to Google via the public schools setting it as the default homepage!