The Observable Effects of Socialism

Writes Mike Holmes:


When I used to visit Maracaibo, Venezuela, in the late 70s, it was a prosperous, thriving place. Across from the building where I worked, a huge squatter’s camp teemed with what seemed to be thousands of poor homeless people. When I inquired I was told they were illegal immigrants from Columbia who lived in these camps desperate for work, food, etc. Venezuela was Columbia’s wealthy neighbor.

40 years later the change from crony capitalism to crony socialism in Venezuela has brought a total turnaround in fortunes. Despite being an advanced and oil rich South American nation, millions of Venezuelans are fleeing to Columbia and parts south as fast as they can go. Some neighboring countries are now working at keep these socialist refugees out.

This of course is an official non story, soon to be banned from Facebook, et. al. We can’t upset the emotionally delicate with this kind of news about socialism in action. It’s practically Hate Speech.  No, no …