Thank God for a Normal Parish

Writes Martin Hill (from

I want to share  something that may hearten & encourage you during these insane times. My wife & I attended a small Latin Mass parish for first Saturday Mass last week.  The parish was  complying with the standard signage  about social distance, etc. But this was the first church I’ve seen since March where they don’t have every other pew taped off. No one was social distancing whatsoever, 😇😅 Holy Communion is given properly, kneeling and on the tongue. I did count 6 people wearing face masks out of the 140 or so people who were there. I have found that Latin parishes or the more traditional novus ordo priests are the absolute most normal at this time.

One Latin Mass Priest I met a few months ago,  it was my first time meeting or speaking with him and yet he  told me that he thought this covid stuff was ‘beyond hysteria’ & he suggested I go on YouTube to watch all the videos people were taking of empty hospitals. 😂  I thought that was a pretty bold thing for this very dignified priest to tell a complete stranger. All the priests at this parish in April shook my hand without a second thought. It was very refreshing.

In Southern California where I live there is a novus ordo priest who has Mass in English & Spanish, he insists on continuing to offer Communion kneeling & on the tongue, he even has kneelers outside in his improvised mandatory  ‘church tent’. Catholics from all over the region are leaving their parishes and migrating here, because they don’t agree with this mandatory ‘Communion in the hand to keep you safe’ nonsense. They still sing at Mass, too.

The priest told me himself that he will not back down.  He is steadfast.

I am working on a Catholic post about Covid19 & supposed mandates of  ‘Communion in the hand’ (which are totally Illegal.