‘Sermon to the Nation’

WaPo’s Dana Milbank, Skull ‘n Bonesman and pal to the intelligence organs, praises Obama’s attacks on “Donald Trump — and the fear the nativist billionaire is stoking across the land….” Fear among the Milbanks, especially. How dare Trump raise issues long ago settled by the power elite among themselves, from cultural Marxism to centrally planned demographic change. But these unnatural and unpopular notions require silencing any opposition-or even unofficial discussion–as racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, and all the other dull-bladed cuss words of the establishment. The GOP contestants share a pile of horrible policy proposals, foreign and domestic, Trump included. And no man should ever be the Devil’s assistant as president of the empire. But giving voice to the oppressed, bother the oligarchs as it may, is another story.


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