Scott Ritter’s Tour-de-Force with The Duran

Writes Leo H.:


I am providing a link to a video from The Duran, featuring Scott Ritter and his take on recent developments in the Ukraine conflict.  At nearly 3 hours in length, it is a big investment of time, I grant, but entirely worth it.  It is a tour-de-force from Ritter, but also Alexander Mercouris interfaces with him very intelligently, and brings a lot out of Ritter that many other interviewers might be incapable of eliciting.

The section of the video from about 1:04 to 1:27 is particularly excellent, and alone is worth watching the entirety of Ritter’s analysis.  In that 23 minutes, he integrates all of the aspects of military and political logistics in the Ukraine conflict, seamlessly weaving into the discussion the liabilities of US/NATO presumption of success even in the midst of gross understaffing, use of often antiquated equipment, failure on the West’s part to match technical advancements in even their newer equipment with Russian equivalents; the political folly of the West effectively prompting the Russians – as a response to massive “sanctions” and other existential threats to the Russian economy and body-politic – to create alternatives and seek other solutions which have only strengthened them in just about every way; and just the overarching hubris of almost everything the West has attempted to do.

All of this is a real eye-opener to anyone whose “understanding” of the Ukrainian situation is shaped by the nonsense relentlessly churned out by the MSM of the entire US/Western European bloc.  An absolute must-watch, even for those well-versed, as its thrust is so digestibe and easy to re-articulate in conversations with those on all sides of this potential flashpoint for WWIII.

You’re welcome.