Ron Paul Liberty Report HQ, Clute Texas

Writes Tim McGraw:

The tin shack from which the Ron Paul Liberty Report is broadcast in Clute, Texas is very humble (photo attached).

Ron Paul Liberty Report on Rumble

Five days a week, every week, Dr. Ron Paul, his co-host Daniel McAdams (Chris Rossini is a co-host on Fridays and when necessary), and Z-Man the studio engineer, produce a 30-minute video.

Dr. Ron Paul is 88 years old and still drives himself to the studio. His endurance and dedication to the cause of liberty and good are amazing. The whole Ron Paul Liberty Report team is amazing.

From this modest tin shack, the apostles of truth liberty, and good tell their message on video from Clute, Texas. Clute appears to be a somewhat dreary and depressing place. The tin shack studio is noisy when it rains. It certainly isn’t a fancy TV studio in NYC in Rockefeller Center. No fancy desk with well-coiffed news anchors covered in makeup while beautifully lit and filmed at the Liberty Report. Just a simple setup with honest people telling the truth. The Z-man does a great job of technically putting the show together. McAdams and Dr. Paul do their research and make their notes for every day’s show. McAdams puts together the video and image clips to highlight the news items they are discussing.

It’s a lot of work for not much pay. The Liberty Report has no major donors like Raytheon, Big Pharma, or a political party. Not even a mad billionaire like Bill Gates or George Soros to support the Liberty Report. Maybe Elon Musk will send a check. Hahaha!

If you don’t watch the Ron Paul Liberty Report five days a week, I recommend it. It will give you faith in humanity. The link is above.

NOTE FROM LEW: Ron’s studio is not in a tin shack, but rather a nice little building that also includes a spacious office for Ron, including his Congressional desk,  and plenty of space for employees. Ron, of course, has never spent an unnecessary dime of donors’ money.