Ron and Bernie?

i am so sick of seeing articles that seek to enhance the commie by comparing him to Ron Paul (often while stabbing Ron on the back at the same time).

Ron is an Austrian economist; Bernie is a Marxist.
Ron is an opponent of war; Bernie only pretends to be one.
Ron is a life-saving physician; Bernie is just a redistributionist pol.
Ron opposes stealing; Bernie institutionalizes it.
Ron opposes all abuses of the state; Bernie opposes some, while itching to get his hand on the levers of power.

Ron is the father, grandfather, and great-grandfather of a large, handsome, and successful family. He and his wife Carol have been married for 58 years. Ron is a scholar and a gentleman, an honorable and decent man, a brilliant exponent of liberty, peace, and prosperity, a great author, a practitioner of the Golden Rule, a man who leads by example, not hectoring. A very great man loved by all who know him, except Boehner. Bernie? Peh!