RFK Jr. Interviews Dr. David Martin

Writes Ginny Garner:


Both Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., head of Children’s Health Defense, and Dr. David Martin, an expert on US patents of viruses and Covid shots. have been studying, writing and talking about NIAID Director Tony Fauci’s conflicts of interests with regard to coronaviruses and the Covid shots. RFK Jr.’s interview with Martin is very informative and enlightening.

The interview.

Among high points:

1. Martin explains how Covid shots work

2. RFK Jr.: NIAID director Tony Fauci never has treated any patients. NIAID is supposed to investigate the causes of disease and identify treatments but it has never done that. Fauci takes its $6 billion budget plus $2 billion from DoD and develops drugs by getting his 1300 investigators at universities to do clinical studies, then the drugs are sold to Big Pharma. He splits the royalties.

3. Martin: Fauci is engaged in racketeering. He controls the means of production and picks the winners and losers which is price fixing. He controls the pathogen, the means of detection and means of therapy and the price the drug gets sold at and gets paid every step of the way. This is like Chicago Mafia in the 1920s.

4. RFK Jr.: Fauci has a $9 billion contract with the Pentagon for 500 doses of Covid shots whether they work or not and gets paid once they get FDA approval.

5. RFK Jr.: “It’s a sick, demented, crooked scheme.”

6. When Fauci ignored the US moratorium on the bio-weaponization of coronaviruses and funded China’s Wuhan Lab to continue the gain of research, he was effectively teaching the Chinese military which controls the lab how to make a bioweapon.

7. There’s an inherent problem when the same labs study the transmission of viruses for the purpose of creating vaccines and bioweapons.