Re: US in moral decline

Writes Jim Lloyd:

Hi Lew,

Because Walter Williams didn’t address the US warfare machine in his piece (and LRC, Ron Paul, et alia helped me sort that out), I wanted to share a quick story.

Last month I was having dinner my mother, her husband and his mom [94 and ‘sharper than a razor’].  On the TV near us was the NBC’s nightly idiocy with an alarming story about an adolescent who stated it would be good fun to shoot her 400 classmates.  My mother thought this was terrible.

I asked if she had watched the CollateralMurder video shared by WIkileaks, and she responded that she doesn’t watch ‘that kind of thing’.  I summarized the video and then asked if (some) DoD helicopter pilots think it’s good fun shooting at civilians, why would a sixteen-year-old female indoctrinated by baseless institutions, probably inculcated by the marketing of unachievable goals and possibly insulated from objective understanding be any different than Joe-in-the sky looking to go blind-button on chattel below?

It was then that I realized she had stopped listening to me the moment the commercial break started.  However, my step-dad and his mom, as old-right life-long Lutherans, had a few moments before dinner was palatable again.