Re: Take Your Tractor to School Day

Writes Scott McKeown:


Freely admit that we are not farmers.  However, we are blessed that our kids go to school in Van Buren, OH where Take Your Tractor to School Day is still a very real thing.  Here, our tractor day is in the spring before plowing starts in earnest.  As we have a very “diverse” district economically (but not socially), it is quite humorous to see a Case/IH parked next to a BMW, parked next to a Chevy parked next to a New Holland, parked next to a Mercedes parked next to a John Deere.  What is even more beautiful is seeing farmer and other rural kids who are as comfortable around the kids of Marathon Petroleum bigwigs and Cooper Tire executives as they are around their own.  Don’t tell anyone, but there is this little quaint piece of Americana still alive in Hancock County and Findlay, Ohio.