Minneapolis, and the innumerable ways up the mountain

Writes Jim Lloyd:

Hi Lew,

The short video on the PT section of LRC speaks volumes.  Because many, and what appears to be a declining majority, internalized an either/or, us v them, red v blue mentality over the years, exacerbated by traumatic experiences like 911 or TheCovid19Experience, it’s a rare soul that seeks more than a bipolar perception.  I use the term bipolar for a reason, as those that have that particular issue are inconsistent in their thinking and subsequently, behaviour.

Rejecting looting while advocating justice for someone who was murdered in slow motion on a city street is more mature than many in this country are prepared to pursue at this time, but the erosion of experts and the rise of individualism could turn this thing around in a big way.

This is a country of outcasts, refugees, weirdos and other assorted rabble each pursuing her or his particular preferences, most of whom would avoid encroaching on another’s tastes out of basic empathy; sociopaths worked to disallow that with the government & press providing the rationalization invoked by the public, but one thing is becoming clear: a growing segment of the populace isn’t having it.

It’s enough to make an tired soul smile.

Thank you again.

PS I don’t know if you are a fan of Joe Strummer [RIP], but I had to listen to “Yalla, Yalla”, which is Arabic slang for “hurry up” or “come on”.  You might hear more in it than I do