NYT Hit on Rand

I learned that Rand can’t stand country music. Otherwise, there’s not anything new to me in this NY Times article on Rand’s unfortunate campaign. But this line bugged me: “Mr. Paul, like his father before him, appears allergic to the grip-and-grin duties our political process requires.”

Ron Paul is more than a brilliant public intellectual and man of unshakeable principle. He is also a great and natural politician. He loves people and they love him. This is a man who would wear out pairs of shoes in his congressional campaigns, walking door to door. He loves, and is very good at, explaining libertarianism to people of all backgrounds. Even now, he’ll spend hours after an event talking and taking photos. He comes across as the kind and gentle man that he is. People love him, and rightly so.

Just the other day he was stopped in the Houston airport by two young black men from Africa. They had learned about him in Africa, and followed him here since 2008. Ron has done many things of lasting value. One is growing the libertarian movement in scope and ways that were unimaginable before what our descendants will call the Age of Ron Paul. (Thanks to Diogenes)