Public schools fail to teach basic virology

Writes a friend:


One great failure of our public schools is to educate the population about basic virus biology. If it taught the subject properly, we’d know why the covid-19 virus is becoming less lethal, and so the fear-mongers have had to resort to counting cases instead of deaths.

All viruses, and especially the RNA viruses (like covid), mutate on each replication. That’s why DNA evolved, because it copies itself more accurately. So the covid-19 virus that is circulating today, is not the same one as 3 or 4 months ago. The virus from February and March that killed off its hosts is also dead, since a dead host doesn’t cough or breath and so the spreading stops.

The original more lethal covid virus also killed off the low hanging fruit of people who were likely within weeks or months of death as well from old age or other co-morbidity.

But the politicians and the media hate to give up power, and so they desperately keep changing the counting methods. The covid virus today is much less dangerous but that is of no interest to the power hungry.

Hopefully, the increase in home-schooling will be able to spread this knowledge.