On Political Show Trials

Writes Warren Funk


Once again, very well done!  Thank you for bringing the work of Kelsen and Zolo to our attention.  I wonder, though, if anyone (but me :^)) is thinking about the future implications of our past actions.

Specifically, having wreaked vengeance on the victims of our aggression, we dare not ever lose!  Nothing is more certain than that those who are victorious over us will apply our own form of “justice” to us.  Doubled, and in spades.  We will therefore have to become even more aggressive and far more willing to employ indiscriminate forms of violence.  Rather than reducing inhuman behavior, it will encourage, even require it.  We must win, at all costs!  And those who would lead us into war are precisely the ones on whom vengeance would fall.  It makes me think that those who warn of the danger of global thermonuclear war erupting as a consequence of the conflicts in Ukraine and Gaza are, if anything, understating the dangers.

On the domestic front, it must have occurred to the leadership of the Democrat party that everything they’ve unleashed on the Donald, especially the lawfare, will certainly be reflected back on them should he lead the Republicans to victory this November.  Since they cannot be certain that the same skullduggery that stole the 2020 election for them will be enough this time, they’ll have to resort to indefinitely deferring or even cancelling federal elections altogether.  Bird flu, anyone?

On reflection, the scenario I’ve sketched out above would be much more likely if the official Republican party had strongly opposed the lawfare.  They didn’t.  They’re also leading the cheering section for the aggression the US is sponsoring abroad, so they will be candidates for war crimes trials if we lose.  The fix may already be in and I wonder what form it will take.

Curiously, here in Kerr County (Texas) there has been an uprising of sorts among county Republicans that may be related to this issue.  Specifically, disgust over the “progressive” actions of those elected as Republican “conservatives” led to the nomination of a slate of “reform” candidates in about half the races for precinct chair and the county chair in the recent primary.  They all won, which led the remaining executive members to resign in a fit of pique.  If that sort of thing is happening more broadly, we may be seeing the birth of a 3-party system: Democrat, Republicrat and Republican!  In that light, the appearance of the Donald at the Libertarian National Convention and that organization’s subsequent nomination of a cast-iron loser for President is intriguing!

Interesting times indeed!