NR and McClanahan’s Book

Writes Tom DiLorenzo:


Regarding your blog about how Richard Brookheiser at NR slandered Brion McClanahan’s excellent book on Hamilton:  Shortly after my book on Hamilton was out public television was producing a documentary on Hamilton moderated by Brookheiser.  He invited me to an interview for the show saying they “wanted to include the Jeffersonian position.”  So I drove from Baltimore to D.C. and spent a couple of hours in a Georgetown townhouse being interviewed on camera.  They ended up using none of it, not one second!  From that I assume I must have done a very good job.  Same thing happened when Prof. Henry Louis Gate interviewed me about Lincoln for PBS right on the Gettysburg battlefield at the site of Picket’s Charge several years ago.  If they can’t “creatively edit’ what we say they just trash it.