New Secret Police

Writes Mark Seiler:

Hi Lew,

The article by Jeff Stein in The Daily Beast that Zero Hedge refers to begins thus, “What we had here was a failure to communicate.” It is one of the most famous lines from cinema pulled from Cool Hand Luke. It sums up the Captain’s attitude that prison is “for your own good” to which Luke replies, “I wish you’d stop bein’ so good to me, Captain.” at which point the character played so powerfully by Strother Martin proceeds to hit Luke in the head with a blackjack knocking him down a knoll.  Martin then utters the iconic sentence.

Cool Hand Luke is perhaps the epitome of movies showing how The State deals with those who do not conform to its diktats. A minor transgression is worthy of the death penalty if one refuses to submit and obey the arbitrary, brutal nature of the thing called Government. Stein apparently uses this quote with no sense of irony. For those who refuse to join the emerging police state, we are all on the chain gang now.

I guess Stein’s next piece will deal with Biden’s Covid plans and begin with a quote from One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, “It’s medication time.”.

In Liberty & The Prince of Peace.