Nevada Democrat Debate Update

Writes Mike Holmes:

Far more laughs than the Saturday Night Live parody debates on TV. I thought Sanders did a pretty good Larry David impression. Not as funny though. Sanders seems physiologically unable to tell a joke or say anything funny. Four years of him would be pretty hard to take. The ‘working class” needs more laughs, not more class warfare diatribes.

Sleepy Joe Biden kept aggressively sputtering nonsensical words and phrases which rarely made sense when strung together. Like the rest (except Bloomberg) once he talked for more than an minute he lapsed into trite political clichés and shopworn sound bites. Yes, everyone has a “plan” of some kind for everything. Just like real commies. I have a Plan too. First, buy my Brooklyn Bridge…

Warren ragged on Bloomberg like an angry Catholic school nun hearing “the dog ate my homework.” Accompanied by screechy, angry accusations and finger wagging. Yes, he’s a sexist creep. Now you have to live with it just like the GOP does with Donald. That’s just reality, toots.

Buttigieg and Klobuchar were the two seeming “normies” with strange, hard-to-pronounce last names. Their testy exchanges reminded us that despite all the Dem happy talk about tolerance, gay men don’t really like uppity political women. And women down deep don’t like gay men, even when they look like a grown up Ken Doll. Who knew?

Sanders rambled on about the “working class” thus and such, though Bloomberg nailed him when he said, “our self-described socialist here owns three houses and is worth over $2 million. What kind of socialism is that?” The audience sort of gasped but when Bernie tried to fire back, “my first home is in DC where I work” Bloomberg shot back interjecting, “ya, that’s the problem…” Great stuff. So Sanders is trying to channel Vladimir Lenin about 103 years too late. When Bloomie noted that “democratic socialism, is really Communism, how did that work out?” Sanders had to rasp out a fusty denial that he was indeed not advocating Communism. At least according to him. Just a plethora of Plans for every Problem. And “millions of good Green new jobs” unlike the ones which don’t exist now. But just wait…

Round 2  of this is next week. Let’s hope they shoot their wounded on live TV too. Madame Hillary will have to parachute in to save the Dems from themselves. She’s already lined up a new private email server, so she’s ready to roll. If that doesn’t work, I hear Al Gore is still unemployed someplace in California. An inconvenient truth, that.