My COVID-19 Update

Writes Jim Fedako:


Here’s my COVID-19 update.

At a press conference ten days ago, Ohio governor DeWine and his chief medical officer said there were, at that time, 100,000 Ohioans with the virus. 100K.

Based on that number he shuttered the state.

Most of those infected would have fully incubated by today, yet only three (3) Ohioans have died with the virus (they may have died from something else, but they tested for the virus at the time of their death), with another 247 active cases (ones that rose to the level of seeking medical attention and warranting a test).

Assuming the Ohio number was a valid estimate, then the virus has a very low mortality rate.

Keep in mind the CDC said as many as 95,000 Americans died from the seasonal flu two years ago (that’s the CDC high estimate, the midrange is 61k).

And, through March 14, another 23k to 59k Americans have died from the flu this season.

We need to ask why we (the people) are allowing the state to close businesses, leave neighbors without jobs, delay medical services for those in need, etc.? Real people are being irreparably harmed.

Why are Trump, DeWine and others doing this?

Why are we allowing them to do it?


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