More reports on infections PLEASE

Writes Jim Lloyd:

Hi Lew,

Over the last six weeks, CDC data (flawed as it is) has moved from 1M infections with 100k deaths [10%] to 3M infections with 130k deaths [2.5%] and no vaccine to credit for the change.  Masking can’t be cited either, because roughly half of Americans called BS and went on with lives, which was reported in the the established press and called selfish or worse.  Ultimately, every false narrative results with those of the least influence (who promoted it) attacking those with the most influence, primarily to distance themselves from what’s become obvious, rejoin the segment of the collective that didn’t swallow the line, and continue being ‘followers’.  It’s going to be beautiful to watch and since Covid19 was cast as an existential crisis for & by those that needed it, only those who avoided the trap will emerge unscathed.