Masks in Ohio

Writes Greg Privette:

Hi Lew,

I read this from the recent post “Masks in Ohio”:

They prescribe varying degrees of warnings, citations, fines and possible arrests. Fines are not only imposed on customers, but also on establishments that fail to “enforce” mask ordinances. Fines on the latter can be quite substantial.

I think another reason for these local mask ordinances is government at all levels have been living high on the hog for years. Ever increasing levels of nonsense, funded by ever increasing levels of revenue. Now that their power drunk actions have killed off the economy much of their revenue has dried up. They are now turning to what they always turn to, police actions against the citizenry from whom they can no longer collect revenue through the usual means. Think of the shortfalls from lack of business license fees alone. We are now getting the “Ferguson effect” on a massive scale. If I recall, one of the underlying issues in the county surrounding Ferguson, MO was that due to years of stupid political decisions they had run out much of the tax base. To make up for that loss they engaged in a campaign to drag as many citizens as possible into a virtually inescapable gristmill of being jailed and milked by their “justice” system. If I remember correctly the rate of arrest in that county was something like 150%. So while I think the main motivation is to gain obedience through fear of a felony ruining your life, I also think the creation of more felons to milk revenue from is a big factor.

The other thought I have had throughout this entire tragedy is it’s a good thing that over the years we’ve had those hundreds of thousands of hero’s spread all over the world sacrificing and “fighting for our freedom” so we wouldn’t all now be speaking German or Japanese. Of course now who would know what language you’re speaking anyway since you can’t tell what anyone is saying through their government mandated mask.


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