Masks in OH

Writes Mark Higdon:

Things in Ohio are much worse than reported. City councils and mayors of Columbus and several Franklin County suburban cities have piled on, passing enforceable ordinances to replace local “executive orders”. They prescribe varying degrees of warnings, citations, fines and possible arrests. Fines are not only imposed on customers, but also on establishments that fail to “enforce” mask ordinances. Fines on the latter can be quite substantial.

Ordinary citizens who defy risk detention, arrest records and convictions. Consider what this will mean if they are gun owners and/or CC permit holders: they would be subject to revocations and confiscations, left defenseless and possibly jailed, with felony records to follow them for the rest of their lives. They also could not vote, at least in this state. BTW, state law prohibits carrying concealed–even with a permit–while wearing a face mask.

This is the real reason jails and prisons were emptied of murderers, rapists and robbers and kept free of rioters, vandals and looters: to reserve space for those who choose to go through life unmasked. “Free” has been lost, possibly forever. The right to self-defense is circling the drain, too.


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