Writes Brian Mellis:

Hi Lew, God bless you for your stand.  I like you, saw through this sham,  months ago and now regard the mask as the symbol of compliance and subservency.  However, rather than get into fiststicuffs and heated discussions with well meaning,  but paycheck dependent store employees, My “ Facemask Medical Exemption” card says it all.

I have been thanked by many store employees for wearing it and although die-hard, fully-programmed maskers will sometimes rear back, as a vampire from a silver cross, I am free and protected from breathing my own exhaust gasses and the FME card is my shield.   It is also compliant with Covid protocol, cannot be challenged,  as your medical records are sacrosanct.

I am fortunate as to have several friends who are doctors who fully agree with the above and have given me a note to tuck inside my FMA.  But it is not required and no one has the right to see it unless a subpoena is issued.

Please feel free to copy and circulate among the non-lemmings, your lungs will thank you for it.  God bless and Maranatha,  Brian R. Mellis


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