Maine is now free?

 Writes Jean Carbonneau:

Hello Mr. Rockwell:  I hope you are having an enjoyable weekend!  As stated in the subject line, I put the state of Maine is free with a question mark.  Well, that’s because in her “knowledge of science”, Governor Janet Mills has decided to end the state of emergency that has existed here since March 15, 2020. It’s due to end on June 30th.  (Why not today)  It was such a wreck.  Using their own stats from the Maine CDC, on average, daily hospitalizations were about 4.5 people being admitted in the hospital.  And for deaths, well, that gruesome figure is 1.9 on average per day. And that’s from the fact from the Maine CDC website that states that even if they died with CONVID, it doesn’t mean they died of it.  The state has literally falling into the Atlantic Ocean.  

But she’s seen the science, and has made the decision that on June 30th, the state will be free of this havoc.  And with all the cash she’s received from Trump and Biden, she’s spending as fast as Jerome Powell can hit those computer keys.  Which reminds me what the late Harry Browne said when he was running for President for the Libertarian Party.  When asked about health care, he would say, “What government is good at is breaking your leg, and then handing you a crutch.”  I’m sure that quote could go for all Governors, no matter what party.(Maybe Kristi Noem might be the lone wolf in this matter)  Here’s the article!  God bless you and everyone at Lew  I also wish to state that I’ve gotten a far better education since I left the government indoctrination centers from you and the great writers, and bloggers here.  

Gov. Mills announces COVID-19 state of civil emergency to end June 30