Letter to a Pol

Writes Tim McGraw:

October 13, 2018

Dear Senator Mike McGuire,

Well, Mike, here we are again. The clocks are being changed back to Standard Time because you folks in the capital can’t figure out what time it is. We are happy to see that Proposition #7 is on the ballot this November which will make Daylight Savings Time permanent? All we want is a time all year round. We don’t care what it is. Put us on China time or DC time. Just keep it the same all year round!

And have you solved the California government pension crisis yet? Of course not. The state of California continues to go bankrupt.

The wildfires of a year ago that wiped out 5% of the Santa Rosa housing stock have not been addressed. Fewer than 200 homes out of the thousands destroyed have been rebuilt. Why not? Because you YOU! the government still play your permit, fee, tax game on new construction of homes. And Cal Fire still STILL! has not told us how the Tubbs Fire started or why it was so devastating.

What do WE get for our taxes/extortion payments sent to the county government in Santa Rosa and the state government in Sacramento?

Not damned much.

And now here you are again screwing around with our clocks and life rhythms.

It proves to us that you politicians only care about yourselves.

Tim and Debra McGraw

Healdsburg, CA