Interview with Mariupol resident: “The war has started here because of Americans”

Patrick Lancaster is an independent American correspondent that has been in Donetsk for about 8 years. He recently evacuated his family from Donetsk due to Ukrainians shelling civilian centers.
Inside the Mariupol ruins, with fighting still ongoing, he interviews several residents asking them who is shelling civilians. Most, if not all blame Ukraine for turning the city into a military target and using them as human shields. Due to the lack of communication, many didn’t know the Russians established humanitarian corridors. Ukrainians told them Russians lined the roads with mines going west and there was no way out.
One man doesn’t care who is shooting who, he blames Americans:(first link)
“[Americans] got involved in Ukraine and the war has started here because of them, that’s what I say to you.”
It will take some time before Mariupol is rebuilt. (YT w/ eng subs)

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