Guess what the Libertarian Party did today (brace yourself)

Writes Tom Woods:

Today is the first of the major student walkouts to protest gun violence.

As we all know, these aren’t exactly nonideological.

“We need legislation!”

Well, in their defense: after years of state propaganda in government schools, what other solution could we have expected them to come up with?

Meanwhile, here’s the Libertarian Party’s response:

Now I get told that sometimes the Libertarian Party has to “meet people where they are,” and maybe sometimes it’s best to avoid strict purity and principle.

I don’t agree with that at all, but at least I understand it.

But what in heaven’s name is the above post supposed to accomplish? It’s directed at kids who want gun control. The vast majority of them have read nothing on the subject. They think: guns kill, so let’s get rid of guns. And to get rid of guns, let’s pass a law!

And the Libertarian Party thinks the correct response is to warn them that the trouble with politicians in the traditional parties is that they probably won’t listen to these students?

Meanwhile, the party’s leadership says Ron Paul “has no idea what the LP represents,” and spends its time attacking the best scholars and builders we have.

I can already hear it: Woods, why do you attack the LP? Shouldn’t we all work together?

If an organization appears to speak in the name of libertarians and says and does nonsensical things, it’s libertarians especially who should speak out instead of remaining silent.

Also, it’d help if they didn’t jump on the leftist bandwagon and imply with a wink that their opponents are probably fascists.

Enough about that.

You know where you WON’T have to deal with any of this? (we’re doing it again!)