Government Lies

Writes Luis P. Almeida:

Are the majority of Americans waking up to the fact that the government lies to us?

No one really knows what happened to Epstein but almost everyone is considering the possibilities. How could one not when The Gateway Pundit’s complete list of dead Clinton associates is now 46 people deep? Also, who in their right minds would remove the highest profile witness from suicide watch days after he attempted to commit suicide? And does it make sense to give him a cellmate when he told guards that people were trying to kill him? Let’s assume for a moment that giving him a cellmate made perfect sense in order to protect him, then why would anyone allow that cellmate to be transferred and for him to be left alone, again.  How can one not theorize when we are told that guards did not check on Epstein for hours when they were supposed to check on him every 30 minutes. Fatigue? Really?

The end result of this comedy of errors is that we have people using a magnifying glass to compare the ear of the man being wheeled out of MCC to other pictures of Epstein. My mother called me to ask me if I had looked at his ears. I laughed. Are they the same? Who knows? Hard to tell, but not any harder than it is to understand why the coroner that carried out the autopsy would need more information prior to determining the cause of death. 

If only we had all been this skeptical when on 9/11/2001 WTC 7 collapsed at free fall speeds due to minor office fires and without having suffered the impact from a plane. Wouldn’t it have been great if we we all stopped to wonder why the NORAD failed to scramble jets on that morning. Wouldn’t it have been great if back then we looked at the photo evidence of the damage done to the Pentagon and wondered how there was absolutely no sign of a plane immediately after impact or better yet why the footage from cameras around the pentagon were never released?

Perhaps 2001 was too long ago to wish for that kind of skepticism, but what about when OBL’s body was dumped at sea? Is it possible to imagine a scenario where America’s greatest enemy would have been summarily executed as opposed to brought before a military tribunal and pumped for classified information?

And what about that lone gunman and that magic bullet in Dallas in 1963? Maybe now is the time to reconsider that, especially since celebrity pathologist Michael Baden attended both JFK’s and Epstein’s autopsy.

Some things you just can’t make up, but the government can and until Epstein too many of us accepted those stories simply because the mainstream media parroted them. Sheep no more.