GOP Civil War Deepens As Senators Claim McConnell Threw Party’s Voters ‘Under The Bus’ On Ukraine, Border

Writes Gail Appel:

Mitch has been in office nearly as long as I’ve been alive. For all appearances, a desiccated corpse is more animated and pleasant.

Mitch has a way with words, too. He’s smooth.Charismatic and jocular, not to mention sexy.Mellifluous.When he speaks,Gregory Peck’s Atticus Fitch comes to mind( Said nobody,ever).

His “immortal” words in 2015 when Obama wanted to fill  Scalia’s seat on the bench and Mitch refused a hearing.With a grin that was more a death rictus,Mitch refused, “ I will be the Grim Reaper”.Truer words were never spoken.

Mitch is a killer.He pushed Faustus on Trump,Mitch tried to kill the Criminal Justice Reform Bill( he’s heavily vested in Private Prisons.. ditto Fauxcahontas. Mitch killed the hospital cost transparency bill, pharmaceutical advertising price transparency, lower prescription drug costs by purchasing from Canada( Mitch digs China), Mitch killed Trump’s pick to fill RBG’s seat w/Barbara Lagoa, an immensely popular Florida Circuit Court Judge, and the first native born child of Cuban refuges. Known for the Elian Gonzales case. Less socially ideological than ACB, she’d have easily garnered bipartisan support. Mitch and Ryan failed to close the billionaire loophole in the tax bill and did not codify lowering the tax load in the middle/lower middle income bracket. Deliberately.Mitch refused to table Trump’s bill tcutting tax payer funding to Ivy League college research grants due to waste and the money padding administrative pockets vs research. Mitch stomped his longer foot down, complaining that pharmaceutical companies would not have “ new drugs to market”.

Mitch put the kibosh on Trump sending Covid relief checks to verified individuals directly, versus enormous lump sums, holding up funds, ultimately hurting Trump’s re-election.Biden added exponential dollars. Mitch approved it.

Then the insane omnibus Green spending bill, Chips Act and of course, the 40b Ukraine Aid. “ The most important issue facing America!”. And the next Ukraine Aid and the next and now the 61b. Mother- effer.

When Trump signed the USMCA NAFTA replacement, it was a win for America. Stupidly, he allowed Mitch the distinction of announcing it in the Rose Garden.  Lou Dobbs aired it and he despised Mitch. Flanked by Thune and Cornyn, the triumvirate of zombies shuffled  to the podium. It was unbearable to behold.

Dobbs, barely able to remain civil said, “ Look at them. No, don’t. They’re repugnant. Dragging their feet. Thune looks like Frankenstein’s monster. And Cornyn! But McConnell, dear God help me. This is how they express excitement? They’re troglodytes”

Has anybody ever, in all his years in office  once said,” I really like Mitch”? No! So get him the hell out!!

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