Global Warming is Real?

Dear Lew, 

Thank you for your service. LRC is by far, the best source of real-time reliable information in the world.

I am actually a published (one article) LRC guy – by the way.

Global warming is not real.  The planet warms and cools according to the whims of the Sun. The very long term trend is cooling, and there is no demonstrable cause (C02 rise) and effect (rising temperatures) relationship in the atmosphere. Tony Heller has proven this conclusively.  In THE CLIMATE MANIACS, you quoted Matt Ridley, as an authority, and he is wrong, at least re: GW being real.

If those among us of your stature will trumpet this most basic flaw in the GW Hoax, I think our chances of America awakening to the monster can be maximized.

Thanks again,




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