Funny how youtube blocks everything non-msm about COVID-19

Writes a friend:


I work at a Nuclear Power facility.  I’ve read columns and articles on your website since Dr. Paul’s campaign in 2008.  He opened my eyes to so many wonderful topics about how money and freedom truly work.  I met him on his campaign in 2012 at a campaign meeting with veterans.  Now and then, I don’t prescribe any particular value to being a veteran.  When the private market gives me a stupid discount because I served in the empire’s wars and they thank me for it, I tell them with in so many words, “No need to thank me.  I was simply a mercenary sent to kill people that think differently then most here.”  They always respond with shock like, how could he say that!?

I get a good laugh out of it.  Anyways, I find it both frustrating and entertaining that no matter what browser or location I try to watch videos that point out the absolute lies and hype regarding the newest corona-virus in a centuries worth of such viruses, youtube gives a message like,”An error occurred. Please try again later. (Playback ID: chvejecnX2CX2NKb).”

Not so weird I get that message since the government and MSM are in cahoots.

At my workplace, those in charge have instituted the very recommendations the government protests will “keep us all safe” to the point that they are threatening people with HR (which most in the corporate world know means sent on your way with a blacklist) for not staying 6 feet away from people.  I’ve approached many within our management that acknowledges how un-warranted  everything else, but they cannot stop it and must enforce it because people 5 times removed above them require it.

I comply since complying with company policy is a condition of my employment, but it chaps my ass that they (corporate management) so willing to bow down and do what they are told.  In some ways, I understand their position.  They have control over a legal monopoly in electricity production and distribution, so who wants to rock the cart?

At the same time, I find it so hard to believe that nobody has a backbone anymore.

I fret for what was once the free world.

Publications and information such as yours Lew give me strength to continue on.

Thank you,